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Does the new coronavirus die in wine? Spanish winemakers respond

Does the new coronavirus die in wine? Spanish winemakers respond

The Spanish Enology Federation, after consulting the medical community, ensures that the combination of alcohol, hypotonic environment and polyphenols prevents the life and multiplication of Covid-19 in wine

In a statement from its president Santiago Jordi Martín, released this Monday, March 23, the Spanish Oenology Federation declared - following the multiple questions addressed to it about the possible contamination of wine and its containers by Covid-19 - that met with a series of specialists from the medical community and international associations of winemakers, concluding that "the survival of coronavirus in wine seems impossible because the concomitant combination of the presence of alcohol, a hypothetical environment [which in Chemistry means that it is a liquid in which the concentration of the solute is lower than the concentration of the solvent] and the presence of polyphenols [natural antioxidant substances found in abundance in wine tannins] prevent the life and multiplication of the virus itself ".

The possibility of contamination of bottles and packaging "appears to be very remote, if not statistically non-existent, given the short life of the virus and the absence of a positive 'biological' living guest."

Finally, in relation to wine consumption and its relationship with the disease, one of the most debated questions, the Federation ensures that "moderate consumption of wine, provided it is carried out responsibly, can contribute to better hygiene of the oral cavity and pharynx, where it is common for the virus to lodge in an eventual infection ".

These considerations are in line with a study carried out by scientists at the University of Washington, which dates back to 2017, when it was published by the renowned magazine Science, that flavonoids (phenolic compounds of plant origin with antioxidant properties) present in wine, especially red, "could halt the spread of influenza (also of viral origin) and limit its symptoms", therefore being suitable in the prophylaxis of the virus in healthy people and without previous pathologies.


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