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Learn how to store a wine once opened

Learn how to store a wine once opened

Have you ever arrange a dinner with friends in his home and at the end get bottles of wine half? In this article you will learn how to conserve these bottles of wine from the best way to return to enjoy them another time.

Use stoppers vacuo

Normal stoppers do not prevent the wine from oxidation process, they also do not prevent odors from other foods stronger invade the bottle, leaving your wine with a flavor and aroma tampered with.

The vacuum draws the oxygen stopper into the bottle, makes the sealing and does not allow air to enter the bottle. Thus, a wine that would last an average of 2-3 days in the refrigerator, can reach up to a week virtually unchanged.

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Store the bottle in the correct position

Whenever possible keep their wine bottles in a dark place, with a mild temperature. It is worth remembering that the best place to store your wine bottles is a winery, but of course this is not the reality of most people. So, you can keep your bottle in the fridge - as long as you respect some of the following rules:

  • Hold the bottle standing as if it is lying on the major surface of the liquid will move and come into contact with the air inside the bottle, causing oxidation we have mentioned;
  • Do not store the wine in the refrigerator door, this is because when opening the door does stir the liquid causing it to oxidize faster.

Do not use the same stopper

Many people do not know but it is not recommended to close the wine taken the same stopper. This is because this stopper will not seal well and the contact with air makes start the process of deterioration of the wine - the so-called oxidation.

Even putting the stopper in the bottle gargal as deep as possible, the air ends up exceeding the pores of the stopper, continuing the oxidation process even with the bottle closed inside the refrigerator.


Keep the wine at the right temperature

It is important not to store your bottle of wine with temperatures above 22 degrees. You must find a place where it is chilled with a clearly lower temperature than the above.

If you use a refrigerator to store your bottle of wine can keep the same temperature you usually use. Before drinking wine should take the bottle 20 minutes prior to operating temperature up a bit and the wine be served at your ideal temperature.

Please note the following deadlines guard

The duration of an open wine inside the wine refrigerator will depend on the type. Normamente are 2-3 days as the ideal period for the wine stored keep its main properties and can be enjoyed again.

The following table may be what saves recommended deadlines for their wines, stored in the refrigerator:

  • Red wine - 3 days;
  • White wine - 2-3 days;
  • Rosé - 2 days;
  • Fortified wines (Port, Wood, Muscat) - 20 to 30 days.

There are several factors that can influence the length of each wine including its acidity, the contact with oxygen and the amount of sugar tannins. A wine tannins or more larger amount of sugar, for example, tends to last a few days.

Drinking wine without opening the bottle

In addition to the vacuum system already quoted above, there is also a revolutionary system that allows access to wine without opening the bottle. This system called Coravin uses a thin, hollow needle that is inserted into the stopper, whereby the device only works in bottles with cork stoppers. Thus, the needle reaches to wine without damaging the stopper. Thereafter, the bottle is pressurized with argon, an inert gas used in wine production process that allows the wine to leave the needle. The space that was occupied by the argon is replaced by wine, while oxygen into the bottle and preventing the wine oxidize. Once the needle is removed, the stopper returns to its shape because cork is a muscle and the remaining wine in the bottle continues to evolve naturally for months or even years.


See how it works in the video below:


 Now that you know some tips on how you can save a wine after opening is no longer an excuse not to open that special bottle that is in your cellar. Enjoy it!


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